Windows 10 is here. Now what do I do?

On July 29, 2015 Microsoft released the latest desktop operating system called WINDOWS 10. For the first time since introducing an operating system Microsoft is offering a new version at no charge to any user with a valid copy of either Windows 7 or Windows 8. The upgrade path is released as a download from Microsoft. Upgrading takes between one and two hours and keeps all of the existing data and applications along with the settings for internet and printing. We are advising clients who wish to upgrade without anyone’s assistance to do a full back up of their data and applications just in case something goes wrong during the upgrade. This free upgrade is available for 1 year so don’t panic. Let Microsoft get some of the bugs out of it first and then be a Windows 10 user. If you are concerned about upgrading call us and let us be your computer support team. Our rates are reasonable and our service is exceptional. We can come to your office or home but you can also come to our office in Pompton Lakes. New Windows 10 features • There is an easier user interface that replaces Windows 8 tiles. Users will find this new look much simpler to understand. • Multiple windows are now clearly visible on the screen. No longer do users have to toggle back and forth between multiple screens. This is a good reason to have a larger LCD display. • Windows Explorer has a much better look while maintaining the older style going back as far as Windows 95. Most users will find this to be pleasure to use. • Internet Explorer 11 and the new internet browser EDGE will be on your Windows 10 upgrade. EDGE is Microsoft’ S answer to Firefox and Google Chrome. Our recommendation is to play with EDGE and remember you still have IE11 to fall back on. • A reminder to restart after an update no longer pops up on your screen. Finally Microsoft understands how annoying it is to constantly be reminded that the computer has to restart after installing an update. • Gamers and people who use CAD software will enjoy the latest version of Microsoft’s graphics API which has major performance improvements. Direct3D applications that are written to DirectX 12 will move along much better too.

Windows 10 release and 5 things to know

1. Your Free Upgrade Lasts a Whole Year I'm sure this isn't news to you, but just because Windows 10 debuts this Wednesday, doesn't mean you have to upgrade right away. As mentioned above, you have a full year to upgrade your clients' eligible devices for free. There's been a lot of industry hype and anticipation for the big day, but what's the rush? 2. You Can Install the Windows 10 Technical Preview before Deploying for Real Last October, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Technical Preview for IT professionals who were eager to get a firsthand look at the upcoming OS. So far, Microsoft has been receptive to initial feedback and has developed new features and builds that have the IT community buzzing. Among the most highly discussed features are the return of the Windows 7-style start button, the brand new web browser, Microsoft Edge and the ability to have multiple virtual desktop views. To read how your peers have responded to this teaser trailer, you can follow along on this Spiceworks thread dedicated to discussing the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Here are some select reactions about the new OS: 3. Microsoft Will Still Release Security Updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8 We usually stress the urgency of upgrading your OS when it gets the end of support kiss of death, as was the case with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. But this is a different scenario since Windows 7 and Windows 8 will still be supported for years to come. In 9 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10 - yet, Preston Gralla shares that Microsoft will issue security patches for Windows 7 until January 2020 and for Windows 8 until January 2023. He doesn't think MSPs should feel pressured to act this Wednesday and even suggests sticking with Windows 7 for the time being since "Windows 10 undoes the damage done by Windows 8, an operating system that was built more for touch devices than for traditional PCs." Whatever your personal OS preferences may be, note that you should not feel compelled to upgrade to Windows 10 out of concern for security vulnerabilities. In fact, you may want to delay upgrading for this very reason. 4. You Can Blacklist Microsoft Security Patches Did you know patch-testing was an option that's available to you? White-listing and black-listing patches is simply a process of identifying those patches that have been tested and approved for installation, as well as those that have been deemed unsafe. When you're a Continuum partner, for instance, our team of 600+ certified Network Operations Center (NOC) tests each Microsoft security patch before deploying to your end users. If you don't want your clients to receive automatic updates, you can blacklist the KB3035583 update from getting pushed out from the remote monitoring and management (RMM) agent. Click here for more information! 5 I didnt get a notice about Windows 10 According to Microsoft's Windows 10 FAQs, users won't see the upgrade icon in their system tray if: 1.Their device isn’t up-to-date with at least Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update. 2.Windows Update is turned off or is not set to received updates automatically. 3.You’ve blocked or uninstalled the necessary Windows Update functionality. 4.Their device is not running genuine Windows.

WINDOWS 10 July 29 ,2015 relase date

Microsoft has officially announced July 29, 2015 as the date it will release Windows 10. For six months Microsoft has been touting the release of its 1st FREE full new version upgrade. Will Windows users embrace the new operating system or will they stay with Windows 7 and wait for another end of life cycle to hit. Today we learn that October 14, 2025 will mark the end of support for Windows 10. Microsoft will provide 10 years of support to Windows 10. That represents more than double the life expectancy of the computer hardware most users will be running. Our recommendation is not to upgrade to Windows 10 for the 1st 30 days. Experience has proven the bugs are not worked out until the final release has been put into the end users hands.

Malware site shut down

Malware site shut down. Fox news and the Associated Press have reported that a major contributor of computer infections has been shut down. The FBI cybercriminal squad targeted 70 cyber criminals in the US and other countries. Computrs Inc supports the efforts of the FBI to help make the internet safer. We are reposting the article in its entirety. From Fox News: Investigators shut down an online marketplace where cybercriminals bought and sold hacked databases, malicious software and other products that could cripple or steal information from computer systems, the Justice Department announced Wednesday. More than 70 cybercriminals in the United States and 19 other countries are targets of the investigation, authorities said. Some of them have been charged, while others were the subject of search warrants because some countries require evidence to be seized before criminal charges can be filed, investigators said. U.S. Attorney David Hickton and other federal investigators revealed the 18-month undercover inquiry in Pittsburgh. The city is home to a large FBI cybercriminal squad and the National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance - a public-private nonprofit that aims to defeat cybercriminals. The site, called Darkode, was the largest-known English-language malware forum in the world, authorities said. Darkode is responsible for hundreds of millions in financial losses, the FBI said. The scale of the investigation, which involved 20 countries, was unprecedented. The Guardian reported that the website was hosted on so-called "bulletproof" web servers that were thought to be impenetrable by law enforcement. On the forum, hackers sold malware or solicited others to install it on unsuspecting victims’ computers, investigators said. Marketplace members also bought and sold stolen databases - some containing millions of people’s email addresses or personal information - often used in identity-theft and computer fraud schemes. The site, which had roughly 250 to 300 active members, was seized and shut down by authorities Tuesday as most of the arrests were being made and search warrants were being executed. Hackers couldn’t just log onto the site. They had to be vouched for or nominated by current members to be able to buy, sell or solicit illegal wares or services on the site, authorities said. Some of the targets were responsible for hacking into Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live services last year around Christmas, authorities said. British authorities in January arrested an 18-year-old man for computer hacking offenses related to the disruptions but hadn’t released his name. The South East Organized Crime Unit said then it had worked with the FBI. But other threats and information marketed through Darkode have far more sinister implications. The advertised products included personal information from customers who participated in an automobile auction, personal information of 39,000 people from a database of Social Security numbers and 20 million emails and usernames that could be used to target people for identity theft, phishing emails or other schemes. The programs for sale included "ransomware," a virus that can lock a computer or network until a ransom is paid to the hacker who installed it. Those arrested or searched live in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Bosniz-Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Macedonia, Nigeria, Romania, Serbia and Sweden. There are victims in all of those countries, and others, authorities said.

Computrs Inc joins Praetorian Guard partnership program

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